Back in 2011, my daughter was two, my husband was starting a blueberry farm, I was busy working as an architect, and a few people I knew that were my age were battling cancer. All I could think about was how the decisions I make now are going to impact my daughters life. I couldn't control everything, but I could choose good food for her.

Around this time, a client of mine was trying to decide what to do with 115 acres of land in Acme, Washington. My response... please do something that will make my life easier, something that will help me feed my daughter real food free of chemicals, antibiotics, artificial colors, and steroids, and something that would help my husband sell his fruit. I looked at different models that existed around the country and ultimately decided I needed to make it simple to shop, cook, and eat local.

Long story short, I left architecture, partnered with creative hardworking people, and ACME was born! We quickly figured out that people needed much more than just access to local food and home delivery, they needed someone to help them decide what’s for dinner, help them eat seasonally, and help keep the cost of high-quality food affordable.

With eight years under our belt, we are now on a mission to sell $2 billion in local, organic food. Think of the impact this will have on our country, our communities, on the many small businesses that supply us, not to mention the impact on our environment! THIS is what gets us excited to get up every day and work hard!


We make it simple to shop, cook + eat local. We save your time, help you answer the nagging question of “what’s for dinner” and we support dozens of local suppliers in each community we serve. If it isn’t obvious, we aren’t your average “meal delivery company”. We source the absolute best local ingredients, pair them with quick + delicious recipes, our boxes are carefully packed with minimal packaging, and we personally deliver this goodness right to your doorstep, nothing is ever shipped.

We want you to feel like you are part of our family. We’ll introduce you to the amazing people that raise, make or harvest your food, you’ll meet the team that curates, gathers and delivers each ACME box, and you can even join us in fundraising campaigns to support local non-profits. Without you, we cannot change our food system.

People Love Us

"Acme is the BEST farm to table delivery anywhere. SO much for the money, so fresh, so easy and so delicious! If you're new I think they give you a coupon too."

- Lori Sandoval Davis

" I am grateful to you every day. Fresh, local, healthy food for my family is a dream come true and you make me look good with the recipes, too - great added bonus!"

- Nicky Hulme Gosen


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