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16 oz Jar of Kimchi, 

This traditional kimchi is made with organic napa cabbage, daikon radish, and a touch of sweet apple, lovingly produced by our friends at Pangea Ferments.

"So, why Pangea?  Well, Pangea was the name given to the last known supercontinent, but is to us a symbol of a connectedness to other cultures, food and people alike.  It is about being more connected to our community, our local farmers, our food and understanding the impact when we do.  Whenever we buy locally grown or locally produced products we are helping to build a stronger local economy.   When we grow our own produce or check out our local farms we better appreciate the quality and love that goes into the labor. 

Bacteria and food cultures have been preserved, shared and often coveted.  Most countries have a history of fermented foods and almost all of these have maintained some as a staple in their diets.  Rich in history and rich in benefits, we aim to explore, to share, and to educate others on the traditions and flavors of fermented food."

-Pangea Ferments

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