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4 oz Fontina and 8 oz Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

“From our fresh and creamy mozzarella to our sharp and nutty asiago, all of our cheeses are crafted from our own milk, on our farm, using the highest quality Italian traditions. The delicate blend of Italian tradition and farmstead quality is what sets our cheese apart.

All of our cheeses have been developed by a team of artisans, experts, cheesemakers and farmers to perfectly meld the flavors of Italy with the tradition of farmstead cheese.

The Ferndale Farmstead team consists of cheesemakers, milkers, and equipment operators that keep our process alive. We pride ourselves in the excellence of our employees, our crew is our family. This passion is shared by all in caring for the cows, people, and our natural resources with true respect and understanding. We will continue to work to create the best possible environment not only for us, but for the whole team involved and the communities surrounding the farms."

- Ferndale Farmstead

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