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Custom Made Cutting Board Included!
This holiday season, we’re proud to offer a Local Charcuterie Set!

We’ve partnered with our friend and neighbor Andy Thorp at Hammer & Hand Woodworking, who has created a series of handmade hardwood cutting boards - each one is unique, and they are all amazing! To go with each board, we’ve paired a carefully curated selection of delicious non-perishable products from some great local producers.

Each Local Charcuterie Set includes:

  • 1 Custom made cutting board by Hammer + Hand Woodworking
  • Classic Salami from Coro's Artisan Salamis
  • Summer Sausage from Olympia Provisions
  • Soppressata Salami from Olympia Provisions
  • Moroccan Picholine Olives from Villa Jerada
  • Quince Cutting Preserves from Girl Meets Dirt
  • Black Truffle Mustard from Mustard + Co
  • Flagship Cheese Crackers from Beecher's Handmade Cheese

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