Finally, a meal kit that checks all the boxes! Local ingredients, no commitment, and packed the same day of delivery.




Curated Boxes

Our Curated Boxes come with 3-4 delicious, locally sourced meals. Each themed box includes a meal plan with recipes to turn the seasons best food into meals you will love.


Build Your Own Box

Want more choice or following a special diet? Our Build Your Own Box allows you the flexibility to choose the meals that will work best for you.


What makes Acme Farms + Kitchen different?

Locally Curated
Each week we work with dozens of local producers to bring you the freshest seasonal ingredients. You'll discover new foods, meet new producers, and enjoy eating seasonally without the hassle.

Sustainably Produced
The decisions we make now will impact the health of our soil, air and water for future generations. Because of this, Acme has set high standards when selecting our producers.

Minimal Packaging
When food doesn't travel far from farm to plate, packaging can be minimal. No heavy plastic or styrofoam, and our boxes + ice packs can be returned for re-use.

Good for the Community
When you choose Acme, you are helping dozens of small family businesses thrive. You're also reducing your carbon footprint, increasing food security, and keeping our environment clean.

Your Neighbors Love Us

"We had used other meal services in the past and never were that enthusiastic. I LOVE Acme. We have been using them every week for 3 months and yet to have a meal we didn’t really enjoy. I can honestly say that we’ve gone from ordering dinner 5-6 nights a week to eating at home because of Acme. It’s been a complete game changer that has saved us a lot of money and is delicious."

Heather in Seattle

"Supporting our local growers and makers through Acme Farms + Kitchen is pure delicious joy. The food is beautiful, healthy and so fun to prepare. Delivery day is the most awesome day of the week."

Elizabeth in Bellingham

Have tried various meal services but Acme Farms hits the bar for me. The quality of food is amazing and fresh. Supporting local PNW farmers and businesses is important to me and these guys are all local. Delivery is environmentally conscious (boxes are sent back each time; no insulation waste).

Kim in Portland

"We wanted something like Hello Fresh but with better quality and more interesting recipes. When I found Acme I was so excited that it was all those things plus a small local business, organic and PNW farmers! I love cooking their wide variety of recipes and the marketplace is great so we can order eggs and such each week with our meal kits."

Kat in Shoreline

"We LOVE Acme Farms! They make it super easy to ethically source your food and eat local and seasonal — not to mention easing the burden of meal planning. They have gone out of their way to make our experience with them 5+ stars! Couldn’t recommend them more highly!"

Lee Anne in Mukilteo

"I love this meal kit! After trying just about all of them, this one takes the cake. After a couple years as a customer, I can say that ACME consistently delivers their promise on sustainable packaging and high quality food that has made me a better chef!"

Kim in Seattle