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All of our recipes for the week can be accessed online here.

You are welcome to submit multiple orders for delivery on the same week, we will combine them so you don't recieve uncessary boxes. Use code "AddToOrder" at checkout to waive the extra delivery fee for your additional order.


There is a colorful bar near the top of our website showing our current delivery dates and order deadline. We'll send you an email on Thursday (after the close of orders for the week) confirming your delivery day. You can check your estimated delivery day here.

Orders typically arrive between 12:00pm-8:00pm but may arrive later if your driver encounters excess traffic, difficult weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

All order sub-totals over $75 are delivered for free.  Orders below $75 are charged a $7 delivery fee.

Your Acme box is delivered by our in-house delivery team right after we pack it on the morning of your delivery, we do not use a big shipping company. Because of this, we are unable to offer delivery tracking at this time but hope to in the future.

We will send you a delivery day confirmation email on Thursday (after the order deadline of Wednesday at midnight) for your order. Orders typically arrive between 12:00pm-8:00pm but may arrive later if your driver encounters excess traffic, difficult weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Before checkout, there is an "order notes" section in your cart screen. You can put any important delivery details there (such as gate codes or messages like "please ring doorbell," "place box at side door," etc.) and they will reach your delivery driver.

You can also email info@theacmebox.com to get information to your delivery driver.

Absolutely! Just make sure we have your gate codes or any special instructions.

No, but many items in your box are perishable and will be happier being moved inside sooner rather than later.

If you can't retrieve your box right away, you may consider leaving a cooler out for us. The entire box must fit in the cooler (box measures 16x12x10). For food safety, drivers are not able to unpack individual items from order to put into your cooler if the entire box doesn't fit.

Especially during the warmer months, setting out a cooler for your driver to put your box in is a great idea to keep your items fresh and cool if you can't get to it unpacking it right away.

Your cooler must be large enough to fit your entire box. For food safety, drivers cannot unpack individual items from your box. The box measures around 16x12x10.

One cooler we have tested and recommend is an Igloo 72 QT cooler. A 70 qt cooler may also work, but if your box is very full, your driver may have difficulty closing the lid.

When looking for a cooler to fit your box, make sure to consider the inside shape of the cooler. Coolers with wheel wells may at first appear large enough to fit the box, but because of how the wheels impact the shape of the inside of the cooler, this may not be true. Same with coolers that slim towards the bottom.

Because we use our own delivery drivers (not a shipping company) to provide quality jobs and to ensure freshness + minimal packaging, these markers may not always be accurate, but should be accurate by the end of day Thursday.

We change all orders delivered on a week from "unfulfilled" to "fulfilled" on Thursdays. This means your Tuesday or Wednesday delivery may appear as "unfulfilled" even though you already received it, or your Thursday delivery may appear as "fulfilled" even though it has yet to arrive. It should be accurate by the end of day on Thursday.

If you believe you should have already received your order but haven't, please email info@theacmebox.com and we'll be happy to help!


No. You are welcome to order Build Your Own Box meals week by week and skip anytime if a subscription does not work for you.

Subscriptions are great for a couple reasons:

1. You don't have to remember to place an order by the weekly deadline.

2. By subscribing to an Acme box, you are helping our farmers, ranchers, bakers, and makers plan ahead. This helps them know how much produce to harvest or meat to process, allowing them to minimize wasted resources. Your subscription helps everyone work toward long-term sustainability goals.

3. We LOVE curating food for you. Let us take the hassle out of shopping for you.

No. Curated Boxes are not customizable.

If you would like to choose your own meals, try Build Your Own Box!

When you first create a subscription, you will be charged at checkout.

After that first charge, your subscription will be charged early morning on Wednesday—around 12:15am, shortly after midnight on Tuesday. This charge is for delivery the following week.

If there is an error charging your payment method, you have until 11:59PM on Wednesday to resolve the charge to make sure you get your delivery the next week.

Our customer service team is always happy to help you manage your subscription, just send an email to info@theacmebox.com

If you want to manage your own subscription, please remember that your subscription is always charged a week before delivery. If you want to skip a delivery for a week, you'll want to skip the order date in the subscription panel for the week prior. If this is confusing, please reach out! Our customer service team can easily manage your subscription for you.

You can manage your subscription by navigating to your account and selecting "Manage Subscriptions". Under the "Subscriptions" tab, select your subscription. Towards the bottom of the screen select "Skip this order" for the order date prior the week prior to the delivery date you want to skip.

You can manage your subscription by navigating to your account and selecting "Manage Subscriptions". Under the "Subscriptions" tab, select the item you'd like to cancel. Towards the bottom of the screen select "Cancel Subscription".

Please note that subscriptions scheduled to be charged on Wednesdays are for delivery the following week.

Our customer service team is also happy to help manage your subscription, just send an email to info@theacmebox.com

Food Quality

We take great pride in partnering with producers that have sustainable, regenerative, and organic practices. While some producers may not be certified organic as certification can be cost-prohibitive for small producers, local organic quality is the top priority in choosing the ingredients gathered for each of our meal kits.

We strongly believe in eating fresh food locally, so the majority of the food we source is produced within 150 miles of your local hub. We have to venture a little farther out for specialty items like citrus, avocados, peppers—things that don't grow nearby.

Supporting local producers outside of farmer's market season and peak harvest is essential to keeping them in business and building a better food system, but eating completely seasonally when not a lot is growing nearby presents a challenge.

Locally sourced items will always be the star of your fresh meal kits and you will always be supporting local producers when you order with Acme, but in months outside of local harvests you may notice more organic produce sourced from further away in your meal box.

View our current producers here.

Fresh local food that isn't highly processed or loaded with preservatives means proper storage is important to make sure your food lasts through the week. Check out our Chef's tips for helping your local food last longer.

The biggest difference is that we pair incredible local food with chef-designed recipes to highlight its best qualities! Our recipes are curated to support seasonal harvests.

We rigorously quality test every meat supplier who hand-selects every cut. We only believe in pasture-raising animals and humane processing practices. We support ranchers who treat their animals with kindness and respect and feed their animals using the same food standards of which we hold our own food. 

Check Out

Yes, we only accept orders with a subtotal of $35 or greater. Any orders placed for under this amount will be cancelled and fully refunded on Thursday mornings after the close of orders for the week on Wednesday at midnight.

You have until 11:59 PM Wednesday to change or modify your order for delivery the following week. Reach out to our customer service team by sending an email to info@theacmebox.com for assistance.

Reach out to our customer service team by sending an email to info@theacmebox.com for assistance canceling an order.

Orders canceled before the order deadline (Wednesday at midnight) for delivery the following week can be refunded 100%.

Orders canceled after the order deadline will be refunded for 50% since at that point we have already started using the funds from your order to purchase ingredients for it from our producers.

Yes! Gift cards are available here.

Gift cards are digital. We do not offer paper gift cards at this time.

After check out, we'll send you an email with your digital gift card. You can forward the email to the intended recipient, or print it out to hand deliver.

The gift card email has a code that can be used at checkout until the balance is depleted. Email info@theacmebox.com to check your gift card balance.

We believe in accessible local food for all and hope to accept EBT/SNAP as soon as it is available to businesses like ours, but unfortunately at this time it is not.

Yes! For all of us here at Acme, there is no greater compliment than your referral. Click the brown "rewards" star in the bottom left corner of your screen to learn more about our referral program.

Still have a question? Email us at info@theacmebox.com