$15,000 - Helping Fight Food Insecurity In Our Communities

Thanks to the generous donations from many of our customers who donate every week to families in need, we have helped make local food more accessible to people in our community, who face barriers to nutritious, delicious, local food. 

So far in 2021, the Acme Community has donated over $15,000 in local food. Wow! 

The donations we receive go straight to purchasing food from our local producers, and our team delivers the donated Acme Boxes to families and communities in need. We work closely with non-profit community partners to identify people and families facing food insecurity, and we are finding creative ways to engage this community in shopping, cooking, and eating local. 

This week the Birchwood Food Desert Fighters reached out to us and very quickly, because of your donations, we were able to gather 50 meals to feed 40 people going hungry.

We have also partnered with Northwest Youth Services, a non-profit organization serving young people ages 13-24 experiencing homelessness in Whatcom and Skagit Counties.

Using donated funds from the Acme community, the youth living staying with Northwest Youth Services are now ordering their own meals weekly on www.theacmebox.com and working with staff, are learning to cook and eat delicious local food. Our Sloppy Joe recipe is one of their favorites!

These are just a few of the many ways we are putting the generosity of the Acme Community to work in the service of a stronger, more resilient local food system that serves more people in our communities. 

Thank you for your Donations so far this year. A special thank you to those who subscribe to weekly donations - topping up their weekly orders. Your consistent giving has made long-term partnerships like the one with Northwest Youth Services possible. 

We hope you will consider continuing to contribute in any way you can to make local food more accessible in our communities. There are families going hungry every day in our community, and the fight is an ongoing battle. Your donations not only help feed people in need but also support local food producers, by allowing us to move more local food. It’s truly a win-win-win 

In gratitude,

The Acme Team