Announcing… the Acme Spring Focaccia Art Challenge!

s we find ourselves a year into the pandemic, we’ve seen trends to keep us busy at home come and go. Maybe you participated in some trends yourself and are now a master at crafting the perfect sourdough loaf. At Acme, we love finding fun trends to put our local spin on to keep you engaged and to support your local small businesses.

That is why we are challenging you to take your pandemic bread-making to a whole new level with our latest challenge. We are challenging you to take your bread to the level… of fine art! Okay, maybe not “fine art” level… maybe more like kindergarten finger painting or a “drink and paint” class level?

Introducing… the Acme Spring Focaccia Art Challenge! Don’t worry, we were only joking before, focaccia is an easy bread to make and bake—you don’t need to be any sort of bread expert to succeed in this challenge, just a creative spirit! Keep reading to learn more.

Let’s break it down, shall we? First: focaccia. If you didn’t know, focaccia (pronounced “foh-kah-chuh”) is a flat oven-baked Italian bread. Focaccia topped with oil, spices, and other goodies was actually the prototype to modern pizza!

Second: art? Yes, art! All food is art, but this time we mean it a tad more literally: you can make beautiful art on focaccia bread using many different tasty things! See the photos below for inspiration.

Pictured: Focaccia art before baking...

Pictured: ... and after!
Pictured: Flowers make great focaccia art...
Pictured: ...and so do landscapes!

Are you feeling inspired yet? Ready to bust out the baking sheet and release your inner Van Gogh? Then read on for the rules for our Acme Focaccia Art Challenge:

  • Post your Focaccia Art photo on facebook or instagram and tag us with @acmefarmsandkitchen AND #AcmeFocacciaArt to enter into our contest.
  • Our Acme Team will choose the top 3 entries on April 1st, then YOU will get to vote for the Grand Prize Winner.
  • Our top 3 winners will be announced April 2, and our Grand Prize Winner will be announced on April 5th. 


1st place winner: $100 Acme Credit
2nd place winner: $50 Acme Credit 
3rd place winner: $25 Acme Credit

We can’t wait to see your masterpieces (and your earnest attempts!) We are sure all your focaccia art will be unique and beautiful in its own way… even if you have to squint and tilt your head a bit to see it.

We hope you enjoy this challenge as well as our other offerings this week! If you have been enjoying your Acme boxes, it would mean a lot to us if you left us a review on Google, Facebook, and/or Yelp. Your reviews help us reach new customers which helps us grow—which means the more we get to directly support small local producers near you!

So, without further ado… let the baking and art begin! And don’t forget to eat your art after appreciating it!

With love,
-Your Acme Team