Founders Note: Balancing Mission, Vision, and Daily Fires

We Got This.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this. I try not to bug you all with the heavy stuff too often, but there are so many things going on it felt like a good time to check in. I wish I could literally get on the phone with all of you and check in and see how you are doing too.

Well, it's been quite a year. So many things I'm really excited about, so much "hope + meaning", and a lot of recent changes like our new website, new local grocery section, new 5 Ingredient Meals, and some secret new boxes that I can't wait for you to experience. Sometimes we miss the chance to tell you about the behind the scenes stuff too that you are helping us do like addressing food access and food insecurity.

There's also the really hard stuff. Ten years in and it's still freaking hard.

So let's dive in!

#1 - The new website - Ugh, some of you love it, but we know it's not perfect. Thank you for sticking with us. We're still working with our developer to improve the subscription process, speed up ordering, and make your life easier... it takes time, trial, and some errors. I really do apologize if this has frustrated you in any way. For the record, this wasn't a change we took lightly, but it was critical to our lively hood to stop losing thousands of dollars due to the "no checkout" design.

#2 - Prices of everything from paper goods to beans has gone up - We know you are seeing it, and may even be feeling it too, but know we are doing absolutely everything we can to create options to make delicious local food affordable. If you are feeling squeezed or are struggling to afford our food, PLEASE reach out and we will work with you. Seriously. One option to help balance rising costs are our new 5 Ingredient Meals. We hope you will give them a try too!

#3 - Our community of farmers, ranchers, makers and bakers showed up for us in a BIG way last spring when food access got weird + a bit scary at times, let's never forget that - Our producers scaled operations, reinvested revenue to improve infrastructure and increase production, and we literally worked day and night to keep our community well fed. The people that grow, produce, pack and deliver your food are some of the most caring people I know, they truly put the well being of our community higher than most humans. As things are beginning to reopen and return to "normal", I really hope as a community we will continue to support our food producers and show up when they need us most during peak harvest season. We are going to be focusing on this over the next four months so PLEASE stay tuned and help wherever you can. There's a lot we can do from sharing a meal with a neighbor, putting up a sign in your yard (coming soon!), referring a friend, taking us with you on a camping trip or airbnb getaway, or donating meals when you're away to help some of our neighbors that are struggling.

#4 - We have people in our community that are in desperate need of food - Every week we are getting calls asking for help. Because of the donations many of you add to your order (you can find the option to do this under "Marketplace" and "About Us" on the website) we have been able to expand or food access program and now have multiple local organizations receiving good food. There is still a LOT of work to do here friends. We were on the phone with the Food Bank, Miracle Food Network, and SeaMar clinic this week working on a plan to improve food access for our neighbors. It's work that we are EXTREMELY passionate about.

Thanks for listening. Let's take every opportunity to build a better food system together.

Be well and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Reach out if there is anything we can help with. Your happiness is a critical component to building a strong + vibrant local food system.