Happy Earth Day from Acme

Earth Day reminds us to reflect on our values as humans, the threats our planet faces, and the ways that we can do our part to help protect the environment. We are proud to be working with so many incredible farmers that make sustainable and regenerative farming their priority. At Acme, we are honored to be working with them to support their farms and our shared passion for the environment.

However, as we celebrate Earth Day, it also feels important to acknowledge there is still much work to do to protect our planet for future generations. It is tempting to group our daily practices cleanly into “sustainable” or “unsustainable” buckets, however, we encourage you to consider understanding sustainability as a spectrum, not a binary choice of “one or the other.”

There are powerful impacts we can have as individuals to be more sustainable, but on the spectrum of sustainability, it is important to acknowledge that we can only accomplish so much alone and so much more together. A quote we often say at Acme, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We encourage you to seek out organizations, groups, and businesses in your area who are fighting to protect the planet and to support them in a way that works for you. We also encourage you to talk with people close to you about the importance of protecting our planet for future generations and to share sustainable practices that may fit into their lives. Educating those around you with kindness and compassion can go far in spreading an individual sustainability practice across a human network.

As you reflect on the action steps you can take for our planet, one thing we can all do this Earth Day is take a moment to connect personally with the planet. This will look different depending upon where you live, but even spending time at a local park, your backyard, or your patio works. Observe the interconnected systems of weather, water, plants, and animals working together with attuned precision. Take a deep breath in, and remember that you are part of this system too.

If you ordered plant starts from Sunseed Farm in your Acme Box this past week, we would love to see your photos and progress as the starts grow! Please tag us on social media so we can see your plant start progress.

Also if you ordered our Earth Day picnic box, don’t forget to post your outdoor photos enjoying the Earth Day Picnic Box and tagging @acmefarmsandkitchen and #Acmeoutside and we will choose 2 lucky Earth Day winners to receive a $50 Acme Credit!

With love for our customers, our local suppliers, and our planet,
-Your Acme Team