Introducing… the Acme Natural Easter Egg Dying Kit!

We prioritize sustainability at Acme. In fact, the sustainable benefits of local food systems is one of the central goals that drives our mission to build a better, more just, and virtuous food system.

One great way to be sustainable is to find creative ways to use things that you would otherwise throw away, or to use ingredients that don’t need to be mass manufactured and transported long distances. Not only does this help save something from the landfill if you use scraps/compostable ingredients, it can also reduce the emissions from transporting products long distances and reduce our reliance on environmentally destructive supply chains.

A great example of this is Easter egg dye. Why purchase an egg dying kit manufactured and/or packaged overseas made with ingredients you can’t pronounce when compostable veggies can be used to make brilliant dyes?

Introducing… the Acme Natural Easter Egg Dying Kit! Did you know that colorful veggies such as red cabbage, onion, beets, and spinach can all be used to make natural dyes, as well as blueberries and turmeric? We’ve packed all these wonderful natural dye sources into a kit along with a dozen organic white eggs to help make having a sustainable Easter as simple and as easy as possible for you! Our kit will also help make your Easter egg dying tradition this year support small local producers near you!

Featured in the Acme Natural Easter Egg Dying Kit:

Orange egg dye – yellow onions
Yellow egg dye – turmeric
Blue egg dye – red cabbage
Black/grey egg dye – blueberries
Green egg dye – spinach
Red/pink egg dye – beets

You can achieve different shades by increasing and decreasing the dye time, and also experiment dying your eggs in multiple colors to achieve additional egg colors! There are certainly more colorful natural ingredients you can use to dye your eggs (we’ve heard coffee can make some great browns) so we encourage you to experiment!

We would love to see your natural egg dying attempts and successes! Tag us on social media with your photos @acmefarmsandkitchen

With love
-Your Acme Team