Meet the Nutritionist: Selva Wohlgemuth of Happy Belly Nutrition

Acme is so excited to partner with Selva Wholgemuth, MS, RDN, CD of Happy Belly Nutrition for our Best Year Ever Box. Selva is a gut health dietitian, specializing in functional digestive disorders, including GERD, IBS, SIBO.

Selva has helped many patients regain health and vitality using integrative and functional medicine principles in her private practice, Happy Belly Nutrition. Selva specializes in both gut and women’s health, helping patients find relief from chronic digestive issues and providing essential nutrition guidance for women trying to conceive and during the perinatal period.

As a Registered Dietary Nutritionist (RDN), Selva is bringing her years of expertise with food and nutrition to the table. Not only providing accessible information on a number of healthy living topics, she is working with us to select and develop meals that highlight those topics in the most delicious way possible!

Initially, when starting her private practice, Selva wanted to work with all types of patients and health conditions. She began to focus on gut health because many people are struggling silently with chronic digestive issues and the consequences of an inflamed gut are far-reaching. More and more research has been highlighting how the gut microbiome can impact the development of chronic disease.

After becoming a new mom, Selva realized there is a lack of quality nutrition support for women wanting to conceive, during pregnancy, and postpartum. She was distraught to find out that often nutrition is rarely talked about when women are struggling to conceive and during the postpartum phase. During the 6 months leading up to conception, during pregnancy, and the year following birth, proper nutrition (and absorption) is essential! However, often this population is not getting the expert nutrition guidance needed to support optimal health for mama and baby.

With her in-depth knowledge of the gut and women's health, Selva has helped many patients meet their health goals, including alleviating irritating gut symptoms and helping women conceive successfully after many years of trying. It is Selva’s passion to provide expert nutrition guidance and make a lasting positive change in someone's life!

You can follow Selva on her Instagram @happybellynutrition for tasty recipe ideas and nutrition know-how, and check out her Nutrition Nerd blog and Selva’s Recipes on her website:


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