Producer Spotlight: Anderson Ranches

As the winter continues to lumber on, I find myself circling back to a handful of hearty, fortifying meals—ones that take a little bit of time to make, letting me slow down and warm up for a bit in the kitchen. These dishes are composed of simple, humble ingredients, and rely more on time than technique. Perhaps there’s a few more calories snuck in there than absolutely necessary, but from start to finish, from the cooking to the eating, they just make you feel good. Our Shepherd’s Pie with Ground Lamb is definitely one of these meals.

Starting with a rich, herb-flecked stew of ground lamb, kale, and tender root vegetables, the pie is topped with a sweet and savory mash of potatoes and parsnips and baked to a bubbling golden brown. It’s a delicious, comforting expression of classic British pub fare, and I can’t wait to dig in!

The heart of this rich, rib-sticking pie is the meat, and we’re proud to make ours with the finest grass-fed ground lamb from Anderson Ranches. Located outside of Salem in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Anderson Ranches raises and processes the fantastic grass-fed lamb, drawing on generations of ranching experience in the region and a strong commitment to sustainable ranching practices. Thanks for the lamb, Anderson Ranches!