Producer Spotlight: Bellingham Pasta Company

Pictured: Bellingham Pasta Company pasta ready to be hand packaged.

It is difficult to think of a more universally loved food than pasta. Pasta has previously been ranked the world’s most loved food, and—if you didn’t already notice—pasta is having a bit of a moment during the pandemic (case in point: that viral baked feta pasta recipe.)

With so many folks turning to pasta for its qualities as a quintessential and easy-to-prepare comfort food, more folks are also realizing the superior quality of refrigerated fresh pasta over dry pasta.

In Bellingham, we are so lucky to have a fantastic producer of delectable fresh pasta in our own backyard: Bellingham Pasta Company. At Acme, we couldn’t be prouder to partner with Bellingham Pasta Company to feature high-quality fresh pasta in many of our meals.

Pictured: Bellingham Pasta Company production facility in Bellingham, WA.

Bellingham Pasta Company is a wholesale and retail pasta company offering many different varieties of fresh pasta—from lemon pepper linguine to bucatini to lasagna sheets—made from high-quality ingredients including non-GMO flour from Shepherd’s Grain.

Bellingham Pasta Company focuses on regional trade and locally produced products. This is why you will see Bellingham Pasta Company on grocery shelves and menus of many regional businesses from the Canadian border to South Puget Sound.

Pictured:  Bellingham Pasta Company owner Katie Emlaw Hinton being interviewed by two members of the Acme team—presumably discussing pasta.
Pictured: Some apt art on the wall at Bellingham Pasta Company.

Like Acme, Bellingham Pasta Company recognizes the value in local food—not only to provide pasta fans with the freshest product but also to minimize the carbon footprint of production and transportation, and to keep money in your local economy.

Bellingham Pasta Company uses the extrusion method to create their pasta. See the extrusion method in action below. How refreshing to see real humans creating delicious pasta using real ingredients!

You can experience Bellingham Pasta Company pasta in many Acme meals, as well as at retailers and restaurants near you. We also recommend checking out their page on how to cook fresh pasta (spoiler alert: it cooks much quicker than dry pasta!)

Wishing you all the comfort and joy that a bowl of fresh pasta can bring.

With love,
-Your Acme Team