Savoring Spring with Acme's Spring Panzanella with Asparagus Mealkit Featuring FarmWild

Spring Panzanella with AsparagusAcme offers a wide variety of meal options dedicated to supporting local farmers, ranchers, bakers and makers. One of the farmers they support is FarmWild, a local producer of fresh greens and a leader in aquaponic farming.

FarmWild's innovative aquaponic farming method utilizes a closed system where fish create nitrogen-rich waste that feeds the plants, and the plants filter the water to return to the fish. This process is incredibly efficient, using far less water and resources than traditional soil-based or hydroponic growing methods.


Acme's commitment to sourcing ingredients from local, sustainable farmers like FarmWild is a reflection of their dedication to quality and their desire to create a more environmentally friendly food system. By including FarmWild's greens in their mealkits, Acme is supporting local farmers while delivering the highest quality, freshest ingredients to their customers.

One of the delicious mealkits Acme offers that features FarmWild's greens is Spring Panzanella with Asparagus. This springtime take on the famous Tuscan bread salad is made with fresh asparagus and rapini, tender white beans, French tarragon, shaved pecorino cheese, and cubes of toasted artisan bread. It's all tossed with a mustardy white wine vinaigrette and served piled on tender spring greens, making for a delicious and healthy meal.

To experience the fresh taste of spring and support local, sustainable farming, order the Spring Panzanella with Asparagus mealkit from Acme today!